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Moving to the area for college?

Taking a year off after high school?

Working a j.o.b now but know you are called to full-time ministry?


The Freedom Church Apprentice program may be for you.
The apprentice program is a 9-month program to immerse students considering full-time ministry into a ministry area to allow for education and engagement at a super high level. 

God has given you gifts and talents that are uniquely yours.  Find the place where your gifts and talents can be refined and strengthened as an intern at Freedom Church.


Apply for September 2022-May 2023 Program

Free housing is available for those who live outside of the greater Charleston area.  You will stay in a host home or in one of our other available housing options.

School Credit
School credit is available for those who are interested. We will partner with your school to help you meet requirements when possible.

The majority of your responsibilities will require that you have a reliable form of transportation which makes a license and car mandatory for your program.

The Freedom Church Apprentice Program is open to young adults ages 18-25.

Due to the nature of the Apprentice Program, we ask that if applicants work an additional job while in the program that it be part-time and very flexible. The program requires many late hours and sometimes last minute requests that may conflict with your ability to work a second job.


Two Parts to this Program. 

  1. The Spiritual/Leadership growth 

  2. Practical/Area specific growth 



20 hours a week including all day Sunday

Attend all Sunday worship experiences 

Participate in a small group

Tithe to Freedom

Commit to the Freedom Membership Covenant and Leadership Honor Code

Follow the Dress Code: No shorts, come ready to work and always err on the side of modesty

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