core values

We recognize four beliefs that make up The Core. These beliefs uniquely define Freedom Church:


Jesus + Nothing = Everything. There is nothing that we can do that would make God love us more or less. Jesus is enough. Jesus is all it is about. In His death and resurection he paid the full price for our Freedom and when we understand and embrace that good news we will find the Freedom that we are longing for. When we find this freedom and become Free Men and Free Women we will want to see the captives set free in our community, and we will be aggressive in our approach to telling people about Jesus.


The other three core are simply a response to that freedom in the gospel. Worship Freedom is a musical response to that Gospel. We will be a demonstrative people who make it obvious that we love Jesus when we sing, and in this, showing those far from God that we love someone and something far greater than ourselves - Jesus and His Church.


When you live like a family you take care of each other, support each other, and as a result people know that we are Jesus’ disciples because of our love for one another. This is community freedom - a place where we are able to be real with each other and have a discpling culture that helps us all be more like Jesus. We will be intentional in living in community.


We also respond to a generous God by being a generous people. We will be characterized by giving generously of our time, talent and treasures. Jesus said that where your treasure is there your heart will be also. We will audaciously give of ourselves.