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Global Missions

We desire to see people around the globe find freedom in Christ. Through Freedom Global Missions, we partner with exceptional churches or organizations to fulfill the vision that God has given them to reach their communities. We strive to help our partners go further faster by appropriately providing resources without creating dependency.

Here are three ways you can be a part
of making a difference today:

1. Increase Awareness

To receive regular updates about the impact our partners are making around the globe and to join our church in prayer, sign up for our ongoing newsletter below. 

2. Donate

Help our partners reach their financial goals by making a contribution today. Your gift, no matter what size, will make an impact. 

Enter your gift amount and select the GLOBAL MISSIONS fund. 

3. Become a Global Missions Sponsor

Set up a recurring monthly gift to pledge ongoing support for the work our partners are doing all over the world. Giving above and beyond your tithes and offerings to global missions helps us achieve goals, extend our reach, and dream about what's next.


$24  |  $36  |  $48

  • Enter your chosen tier amount

  • Check recurring gift

  • Choose monthly

  • Select Global Missions Fund

For serve projects and
short-term mission trip 
opportunities head to
and select "Globally"

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