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We are moving boldly into our future, believing that Freedom Church will continue to be a place that helps people far from God, but close to you find freedom in Christ. With a record number of first-time guests coming through our doors, we believe more than ever that the most important next step we can take is expanding our Foxbank location.


Freedom Church was started six years ago to help people far from God, but close to you, find Freedom in Christ.
Today we have seen hundreds of people accept Jesus; we have baptized over  400 people, had more than 500 step up to serve on our Dream Team. We have seen marriages saved, addicts set free, the broken healed and reached thousands in our community and that is only the beginning. God has blessed us with over 1500 people in regular attendance during our weekend worship experiences, and the growth shows no signs of stopping. Freedom Kids is exploding weekly, and we are outgrowing every environment we create for our weekend worship experiences.

Four years ago we purchased 3 acres of land that our current building sits on, and we knew when the time was right we would need to buy more land and expand our facility to continue to reach our vision for Berkeley County.


To do that, we will need to do a few things. 

Phase 1: Purchase additional land for the construction project and new parking.  
Phase 2: Our Freedom Kid's will get a brand new facility that will be able to accommodate current and future                             growth, in addition, the new space will better serve and accommodate our kids. 
Phase 3: Renovate the current Freedom Kid’s area to serve as our lobby and multi-purpose area.  
Phase 4: Expand our current worship space to accommodate 1,000 people per-service. 


The cost to make this vision a reality is $2 million. Our goal is to raise $1.25 million over two years and finance the remaining.  


Now is the time to STEP IN to the future God has for us. Here and Now is the time. To make this next step a reality we are going to need everyone to STEP IN, sacrifice and follow through on the faith journey. Together we can do this if we all STEP IN. Together we can pave the way for our community to find freedom in Christ and set the foundation for the next generation of servant leaders to do even more for the Kingdom of God.


Freedom exists because of a God-given vision. Through the years, people just like you have come alongside that vision and helped create a place where others are able to encounter the power and presence of God each weekend. We want to invite you to be a part of what God is going to do at Freedom in the future. We are going to see thousands of lives changed for eternity and you can be a part of that by committing to give sacrificially to “Step-In” over the next two years.
For some of us, it might be as simple as giving up a latte or two per week. For others, it might mean delaying a purchase or repurposing resources. Each person’s commitment will look different, as God speaks to all of us individually. All we ask is that you prayerfully consider what you would be able to give over the next two years, fill out the commitment card and being to faithfully walk out your commitment. By taking this step of faith, you get to be a part of an incredible story.

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