Update 8/24/2020:

We will re-open our building for in-person worship experiences on September 13th! We have consulted with our elders are continuing to track data and listen to our government officials and believe now is the time we can safely open our doors again!

In-person and Online




Online Only


For those who are returning to our building, plans include the following:
We encourage everyone to follow CDC guidelines (and to follow the changes they make to these guidelines) with a common sense approach in all areas of your life, including Church.

  • We will encourage all dream team members and guests to wear masks while moving freely about the building.

  • We encourage those who are vulnerable because of pre-existing conditions to join us online.

  • We will ask that anyone who feels sick or has shown any symptoms of sickness in the last 7 days please join us for Freedom at Home online.

  • We will be spacing our worship center rows of chairs in a way to allow a degree of social distancing that will give you peace of mind. 

  • We will be cleaning all church surfaces (including chairs) and kids areas under the guidance of CDC standards before every new experience. 

  • We will cease, for the foreseeable future, all hospitality items, cafe items and response stations that would encourage the passing of items.

  • We will also have contactless entry and exit of the building as well as contactless check-in for our kids areas.

  • We will increase our kids occupancy by staffing all rooms in order to have more social distancing for our kids.  

  • And finally, no attendees, leaders or staff members will be required to return.  We want everyone to make the choice that is best for their health situation.


Will experience time change?

We will have in-person worship experiences at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00 am. Our 12:30 experience will be offered ONLINE ONLY. The worship experiences will look much the same however in order to give people ample time to exit and enter the building in the safest way possible we will be very careful to leave a little extra time between experiences. 

Will masks be required?

Per CDC and SCDHEC recommendations, our staff will all wear masks when interacting with guests. We are encouraging all Dream Team members and guests to also wear masks while moving freely around the building. 

What will seating look like in the worship center?

We will be spacing our rows out with more space than normal and encouraging families to space between one another to the degree they are comfortable to allow for common sense social distancing.


Are there capacity limitations? Can we invite friends?

With our three experiences we have plenty of room to invite friends.  However we do ask that our Freedom Church family consider our 8:00am experience as a possibility as it is less frequently attended. 

What additional precautions will be taken in Freedom Kids?

As always, we will be cleaning our Freedom Kids area to allow for a safe environment for our children.  Each room will be cleaned before and after each experience and we will be opening all of our physical classrooms to allow for the greatest capacity possible in order to have some level of social distancing.  We will also have contactless entry and registration for our kids area.


Will people be permitted to linger in the lobby?

Per DHEC guidelines we ask that our church not gather in the lobby area before and after church in order to allow everyone to practice common sense social distancing to the greatest ability possible and comfort of each individual family.  Also, if you are considered vulnerable we remind you that we will still be gathering online as well.


How can we, the members, help with this transition?
You can pray and spread the word! Also, we will be in contact with our Dream Team over the course of this transition and asking you to attend training for opening our church the safest way possible.


Are there any areas that need additional dream team volunteers during this season?
Our desire is to open every single Freedom Kids room for every experience to allow for the smallest ratios possible.  This is one area that would be a huge service to our church family.


What will happen if there is a spike in cases in the future?

This decision has not been made lightly. It is also with the understanding that this is an ever moving and evolving situation that we will continue to monitor and make decisions based on new facts if they are presented in the future.

Are other ministries open like youth, SISTERHOOD/brotherhood, etc?

Yes. All ministry areas have in-person options. For those who cannot participate we will continue to offer virtual options as much as possible.